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FRE Technologies aim to implement a sustainable and scalable strategy to ensure the circularity of plastic is achieved. FRE Technologies chemically recycles plastic that cannot be mechanically recycled, into high value chemical products that are essential to society. FRE’s process has been specifically designed and engineered to ensure its products can be used in the manufacturing of new plastics enabling the circularity of plastic. 

About Us

Collaborating at Work
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Gavin Duffy

Founder & CEO

Gavin has been involved in the design of three advanced recycling plants. Gavin has been involved in the design and commercialisation of 3 wastes to energy projects. Gavin has project managed numerous projects in the energy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors with budgets of over €30 million.

Fiona Greene


Fiona is the chief strategy officer for FRE and possesses valuable insights into market trends, regulatory frameworks, and emerging technologies specific to chemical recycling. Fiona gained this experience while managing operations on two first generation chemical recycling plants.

Daniel Ahern


Daniel has been involved in mechanical and process design for ten years. His experience varies across pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Daniel also has experience of project management, project performance reporting and problem-solving skills in these industries. Daniel has experience of overseeing and managing people in an engineering and design setting.

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