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FRE turns Europe’s waste plastic into sustainable petrochemical feedstocks

Dump Site



Plastic waste that cannot be recycled mechanically is cleaned and shredded in FRE’s pretreatment process



The plastic is melted and mixed with FRE’s proprietary catalyst and solvent in an extruder, this inexpensively  removes the majority of contamination from the feed

Blue Plastic Granules
Image by He Junhui


Reactor design

The melted plastic is sent to FRE’s scalable catalytic reactor which cracks the plastic into shorter chain hydrocarbon molecules in vapor form


End product

The hydrocarbon vapor is subsequently condensed and separated into different products by a distillation column. The syngas exiting the top of the column is compressed and the valuable monomers such as ethylene and propylene used in plastic manufacturing are separated

Image by Fulvio Ciccolo
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